Workshop by Swift & ECS Fin on Securities View, UTI & T+1

Workshop by Swift & ECS Fin on Securities View, UTI & T+1

As the industry moves towards tighter settlement time starting with T+1 and heading towards same day settlement, there is a higher risk of more number of trades not being able to settle due to limited time for amendments or corrections. The Swift Securities View provides opportunity for early intervention by making the status of each trade available at real-time.

This webinar informs the implications of T+1 and how any adverse effects can be minimized utilizing the Swift Securities View from Swift Cloud via API. Uncover the nuances and discover a path to a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable journey to T+1.

Workshop Agenda

10:30 AM EST, Swift Presentation 

Learn how connecting to Swift’s Securities View data can help your firm reduce settlement failures, streamline investigations and promote smoother transitions to the new shorter settlement cycles under T+1. Securities View leverages the unique identifier (UTI) as a link to provide transparency and improving end-to-end visibility throughout the securities settlement chain.

11:30 AM EST – 12:15 PM EST ECS Presentation + Demo

Learn how you can organize, defragment, manage and control the entire trade settlement workflow for efficiently moving money and securities. Move away from fragmented processing and relying on your counterparty’s trade status messages. Tap into the exceptions that would be raised by all parties ahead of time via Swift API so that you can do early intervention on trades that could otherwise break. 


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How to connect to ECS Fin’s dashboard by placing an API e-order through Swift

The first step is to place your Securities View Integration (Live & Test) orders via this link Swift Securities View | Swift. This is available at no additional cost and included in your Swift Essentials entitlements. The API integration option will allow you to connect to ECS Fin’s dashboard and utilize Swift’s Securities View service faster and seamlessly.

If you have any questions or concerns with placing your order, please reach out to Swift account manager Sam Mahamud: