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Are you still following the intricacies of traditional status quo models in your financial operations? Our solutions, certified by Swift, have a solid reference, showcasing a consistent record of successful implementations.
In collaboration with Swift, we are excited to present an informative webinar centered around the essential shift to next-day settlement. This webinar promises valuable insights into the nuances of this transition, providing you with a pathway to a smoother, faster, and more streamlined financial process.

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Jacob Aruldhas
Jacob Aruldhas adopts multiple roles in the industry as well as in academia. Currently, he is the CEO of ECS, an engineering firm that specializes in the optimization of transaction processing solutions. He served as advisor, architect, designer and developer to major financial companies and corporations.
Tracy Chou
Tracy Chou is a Director of Securities at Swift. She leads the Go-To-Market efforts in capital markets and digital assets for Americas. Tracy works closely with the Business Development teams to devise marketing strategy, identify opportunities and drive revenue targets across North America, LATAM and the Caribbean.
Nisha Paul
Product Manager ECS Fin
Nisha Paul is a Product Manager at ECS Fin, where she leads a team of analysts in innovating products and researching markets for global securities and payments. She collaborates with product architects and designers to incorporate current market trends, ensuring the product meets emerging financial needs.

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