Test Simulators

End-to-end testing of Business Solutions

A rapid and cost efficient process
for proofing the solution of your choice

The high performance reported by ECS customers is due to the end-to-end testing made possible for both regression and stress through its test simulator that can behave like a series of sources systems as well as widely engaged market infrastructures and target entities.

The ECS Test Simulator is a stand alone service that can behave like the core systems of a financial institution or a corporate.  It can also intercept the messages that are intended to reach Swift, Central Bank, etc., and respond with Acks/Nacks and Confirmations.

ECS collects test messages covering all known use cases and categorize them by industry, purpose etc. and keep that available for any number of engagements through the Test Simulator. 

A fully functional enterprise message hub, payment hub or trade processing platform can be rapidly subject to evaluation whereby key performance factors an be measured and reported without having to make requests to any source systems or target services.

The test simulator has helped our prospects understand performance, throughput, latency, reliability, durability, scalability etc. prior to making any commitments thereby a risk-free acquisition is feasible as well as practical.