Swift Service Bureau How to choose your ideal partner







Swift Service Bureau: How to choose your ideal partner?

Financial institutions, banks, and corporations use Swift to exchange financial messages and information globally securely and efficiently. As a corporate, financial bank, or investment manager, you may need to build Swift connectivity to communicate with a diverse network of partners.
Setting up and sustaining the necessary infrastructure internally can be an expensive and non-core task, demanding specialized personnel. Adhering to the security and operational standards mandated by the Swift Customer Security Programme (CSP) necessitates substantial ongoing investments.
Swift Service Bureau: How to choose your ideal partner?
If you streamline all your processes and outsource your connectivity services, you can simplify your operations, refocus on your core business, and free up some much-needed resources. A well-suited managed service provider solution can streamline your processes and manage the complete spectrum of responsibilities for any Swift member, covering tasks from administration to onboarding.

Take advantage of ECS's premier-certified Swift Service Bureau

Leverage the scale and dependability of ECS’s premier-certified SWIFT Service Bureau infrastructure to benefit from cost-effective and expertly managed solutions. Relying on a trustworthy partner for your messaging and connectivity needs ensures a seamless connection to an extensive correspondent banking network and various market infrastructures.

All hardware and network components are fully redundant and are supported by an experienced team to continuously update all Swift applications and infrastructure to meet the fast-changing technical requirements. There are different ways in which an organization can connect to the Swift Network. ECS offers IMS Gateway a message hub, with SSB to build faster connectivity interfaces without needing additional time and resources
The Swift service comprises three primary elements:
1. Messaging infrastructure.
2. A platform for validating and routing messages.
3. Standardized message formats.
Take advantage of ECS's premier-certified SWIFT Service Bureau

The architectural advantages of the ECS' Swift Service Bureau

ECS’ Service Bureau empowers you to optimize your utilization of SWIFT, ensuring the maximum return on your SWIFT infrastructure investment. ECS achieves this by enhancing straight-through processing (STP), bolstering resilience, fortifying security measures, and trimming operational costs.
The architectural advantages of the ECS' Swift Service Bureau
Our Service Bureau integrates a comprehensive suite of Swift services, comprising FIN, FileAct, InterAct, Browse, and RMA. Additionally, our offering extends to the inclusion of our IMS Gateway as a value-added service, establishing a secure connection. This encompassing service further incorporates features such as sanctions filtering, format transformation, reconciliation, and payment facilities catering to BACS, Faster Payment, CHAPS, and SEPA, alongside XML funds migration.
With this adaptable infrastructure, you have the flexibility to leverage your SSB investment effectively, facilitating the seamless transmission and reception of various payment types in any format. This includes the handling of diverse documents such as e-invoicing or cheques, all while ensuring the utmost security and resilience within our product.

Messaging interface:

The widely favoured messaging interface employed by Swift customers for transmitting messages and files to correspondents and market infrastructures:
Swift Alliance Access:
Alliance Access serves as SWIFT’s primary messaging interface, specifically crafted to link customers’ business applications with SWIFT messaging services. This robust interface is adept at receiving, processing, routing, and forwarding messages and files seamlessly across the expansive SWIFT network and various back-office applications.
Relationship management application (RMA):
RMA empowers banks by allowing them to establish specific parameters for which counterparties are authorized to send them FIN messages. This capability serves to block any unwanted message traffic at the sender level, thereby enhancing the overall security of the transaction.

Communication Interfaces:

ECS offers an efficiently engineered data capture, storage and distribution system that addresses the entire range of data exchange between internal applications, external entities and all interested parties.
Swift Alliance Gateway:
A centralized platform that focuses on aggregating SWIFT traffic. In collaboration with SWIFTNet Link (SNL) software and a robust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security framework, our IMS product sits in the middle to build secure security framework to any authorized SWIFT correspondent.
Swift Micro gateway:
It serves as an API integration product tailored for Swift API Services providing a streamlined solution for efficient integration and communication within the Swift network.

Your trusted partner:

35+ customers using our SSB
20.5 BN Account payment transactions per year
15.5 BN Issuing processing transactions per year
15.1 BN Acquiring processing transactions per year
Enjoy total freedom from a battery of hardware, software, tokens, network and specialized skills by adopting this one-window solution.

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