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Corporate Onboarding and Integrated File Processing

ECS’s bank customers have become leaders in rapid corporate onboarding as well as offering flexibility to how each message belonging to a batch of messages should be processed.

Integrated file processing, payables and receivables, is one of the many strengths of the IMS platform. IMS integrates with multiple ERP systems gathers payment instructions, categorize, group and re-group, preparing batches or real-time payment instructions for clearing and settling via multiple banks globally.

ECS will use all known formats and protocols to send payment instructions to banks based on the preferences of each bank. SFTP, MQ Series, Webservices, SWIFT Fin, SWIFT FileAct and API are some of the protocols used. Formats include but not limited to CSV, Excel, XML, ISO 15022, ISO 20022, BAI and various proprietary delimited or fixed length.