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Payment Routing

ECS offers a well structured payment routing module that allows a banks operations team to easily implement the rules that decide which channel to be utilized for clearing and settling each payment.

This facility removes the need to have multiple integration services with the CBS system and eliminates the need to write processing rules inside a CBS system.

The routing service can also interface with a customer’s payment initiation portal/device at real-time and offer options where the customer (or a bank teller) can see all options available for settling a payment along with cost and time factors. The customer or the bank teller on behalf of the customer can take an informed decision supporting customer needs and optimizing the bank charges.

ERP systems can take advantage of such facilities where by each payment instruction from an integrated file will pick the most appropriate channel taking into consideration the specific need of the customer and ensuring maximum profit for the bank.

Our customers have managed to gracefully terminate thousands of payment processing rules written to accommodate specific needs of customers, operations, market practices and regulatory needs.