ECS’ SWIFT Services

Global Message Exchange at your fingertip

SWIFT Message Transformation

Integrate with internal applications supporting any format, protocol and schedule. Convert between proprietary formats and SWIFT MT/MX standards. The platform offers the ability to reach 100% STP with all internal applications while exchanging data with the outside world using FIN for ISO 15022, InterAct for ISO 20022 and FileAct for non-validated messages.

SWIFT Message Library
The platform is rich with a series of message libraries for parsing, formatting and validating SWIFT and other messages. Formats include SWIFT MT/MX, CSV, Excel, XML, Fixed Length etc.

SWIFT Message Mapping/Conversions
Convert messages from one format to another using one of the 3 methods offered by ECS.

  1. Traditional Drag/Drop method
  2. The XML Method
  3. Persist Subscribe Model

The Persist Subscribe Model
A proprietary method used by ECS that gives a lot of flexibility in adding complex processing rules while converting data between formats. This method also allows users to interface and take decisions as and when needed for handling exceptions or for adding conditional rules.

Complex Mappings
ECS support one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many type of message conversion from one or more source systems to one or more target entities. Inter-message processing, batch headers and trailers regrouping multiple batches is also supported.

Workflow Management
Create end-to-end data flow from entry point to delivery. Supports calls to shared resources like message libraries, mapping objects, validations, compliance etc. Visualize, define, simplify and engage complex message processing workflows using GUI tools. Automate end-to-end processing of messages from connectivity to delivery.

Reach 100% STP
Reach 100% STP with all internal applications through conversion of proprietary messages to SWIFT formats and vice versa. Convert the data on each communication channel to preferred format of the receiving service.

STP Controls & Conditional Release
Extend interface and dashboard for each communication channel to appropriate owners or departments for complete visibility and control. Messages that do not confirm to expected thresholds may be flagged, held temporarily and email Notifications sent to appropriate owners for further action/release to downstream applications or upstream entities.