ECS’ SWIFT Services

Global Message Exchange at your fingertip

SWIFT Message Dashboard

Manage and Administer the entire SWIFT based data exchange. Departmental views and Controls. Secured Role based access and Entitlements to SWIFT message traffic by BIC, Branch Code, Department, Country, Region. Track Message Status by monitoring delivery, success, failure etc. Notify failures via email and extent interface for repair and reprocess.

SWIFT Message Creation

Create any SWIFT message using simple data entry forms through secured web access. Role based access with user entitlements for departmental view, and segregation of duties.

Internal Security
Enhance internal security by defining roles and entitlements for users. Lockdown standing instructions to ensure that each beneficiary account that receives large amounts are controlled by predefined usage rules.

Event Management
Any messages that require manual intervention results in events that get generated and routed to users that own such messages. A copy of the message header is placed in the Notifications Dashboard until the message is taken care of through the necessary action/s.

SWIFT Notifications Dashboard
The IMS Notifications Dashboard is an accountability service that lists all messages anywhere in the platform that require manual intervention. It also lists messages that are waiting beyond tolerable limits for anticipated responses.

SWIFT Repair Station
ECS offers interface and dashboard for handling exceptions. The type of actions include updating reference data followed by reprocess, repair format related items, or cancel and request recreate from source system depending on the type of exception.