ECS’ SWIFT Services

Global Message Exchange at your fingertip

SWIFT Message Administration

ECS offers an efficiently engineered data capture, storage and distribution system that addresses the entire range of data exchange between internal applications, external entities and all interested parties

SWIFT Message Validation
Validates messages by usage rules, market practices, network rules as well as preferred operational rules desired by each department. Validates against current status of counterparties to minimize NACKs.

SWIFT Message Routing
Messages coming via the SWIFT network can be routed to any number of interested parties in any format, protocol and schedule preferred by the interested party. Each subscription can be metered for internal or external billing.

Content Based Routing
Message routing decisions can be made based on values in the header as well as values in one or more fields.

Data Subscription
Subscription-based model to allow customers or interested parties to purchase or subscribe to specific data. Messages, and reports can be delivered to any interested party in desired format, language, or protocol. Usage based reports can be delivered for internal or external billing. Automates delivery through schedules controlled by Gateway settings for desired service hours. Subscription reports generated for usage-based billing.

EOD Reports
The service generates an end-of-the-day report that details the statistics on messages received, accepted, rejected, processed, delivered, flagged, etc. The end of the day reports helps each department take accountability on the data exchanged for its various activities.