ECS’ SWIFT Services

Global Message Exchange at your fingertip

SWIFT Data Warehouse

IMS acts as a custodian of enterprise transaction data. The platform safe-keeps all incoming and outgoing messages and the events that follow; Creating an audit trail of confirmations, repairs, responses etc. The data elements are linked by transaction and categorized by BIC, Branch Code, departments, context, categories, ownership, and more. All SAA archives are restored, indexed and made searchable online.

Golden Copies
Store copies of all outgoing and incoming SWIFT messages in well organized relational database tables. Logical separation between BICs, Branch codes, types, Departments and ownerships can be engaged.

SAA Archives
Migrate historical data from all SAA archives from the time of initiating data exchange via the SWIFT network.

Data Ownership
Dashboards and web-based interface to all stakeholders to own, monitor, track and control their own data exchanged through SWIFT and other communication networks.

Message Audit
Audit trail on every message sent/received along with Acks/Nacks, including timestamp and ID of every user who has engaged in any operational activities like creation, acceptance, approval, rejection, repair, re-approval etc.

Transaction Audit
IMS links all data elements (messages, acknowledgements, confirms, status messages, source messages, user activities, system events, attached documents, notes made by users etc.) by the underlying transaction as a Transaction Audit.

Advanced Search
Historical messages can be searched by field values, range of values, greater than, less than or specific strings. Search criteria can be preserved for creating views and reports.