ECS’ SWIFT Services

Global Message Exchange at your fingertip

Business Applications

ECS offers a series of business applications that involve the utilization of SWIFT Messages and SWIFT Message Network for exchanging with international counterparts as part of transaction processing/maturing activities.

International Payments
IMS Payments, addresses the end-to-end processing of payments via the SWIFT Network covering initiation, validation, compliance, intelligent routing and pre/post-payment services. It extends role-based dashboards and interfaces to obtain greater visibility and control at the branch, department, region and entity level. The platform supports taking roles as Sender, Receiver, Intermediary and Correspondent.

Correspondent Banking
Receive and process MT202 Cover Payments and take necessary action. Create Debit/Credit Entries and send Confirmations (MT900/910) back or forward to Receivers Correspondent for further processing.

Utilize SWIFT gpi for identifying all possible routing options available for settling payments. Minimize bank fee or settlement time as required by each payment instruction.

SWIFT go allows cross border payments to be completed with a nominal fee at a rapid pace. The customer will have the ability to make informed decision on the total fee and settlement time prior to initiating the payment.

Money Transfer
Gather fund transfer requests from various internal applications and transmit payment instructions in preferred formats and protocols. Process Confirms & Statements. Prepare Notice to Receive (MT210 or equivalent) along with MT202 for counterparties to be forewarned about funding arrangements. Process Confirms (MT900/910) to manage the status of each transfer instruction.

Foreign Exchange
Automate workflows related to preparation and processing of MT300 series messages and provide real-time interface and dashboards for visibility, control and operational support.

Trade Settlement
Collect copies of confirmed trades from OMS, ETC Services, Advisors etc. Prepare Settlement Instructions in formats preferred by each counterparty and transmit via preferred network.

Trade Services
Prepare MT700 Series Message from Manual Entry, Templates, Message Components or from proprietary messages. Engage any number of approval process that may involve multiple entities globally, Forward to appropriate service provider. Process incoming messages. Wrap/Unwrap MT798 Messages for STP with Corporate Customers.

Statement Consolidation & Management
Gather statements from all service providers globally in SWIFT and other formats. Get them reconciled or delivered to your internal applications in a unified format for further processing.

Statement Reconciliation
Match 940s/950s against instructions that were sent out during the day. Identify gaps and raise email notifications and provide facility for initiating investigations.