ECS Cloud

For complete solution with zero overhead

Total freedom from a battery of
hardware, software, tokens, network and specialized skills

Overview of ECS Cloud Offering

IMS applications can be installed as per the customer’s choice. The type of installations that are to be considered, compared and evaluated are:

A solution of Choice
ECS Cloud has proved to be a solution of choice by many of our Banks, Capital Markets and Corporate Customers. The advantages are priceless. First of all most needed connectivity to market infrastructures, service providers and counterparties are already available, tested and ready to use.

Rapid time to Market
A single integration with each of the source system is all it takes for a QA system to be ready for further fine tuning according to each departments preferences and style of operation.

Helps refrain from extreme position
There is a trend in the industry to move from on-prem to public clouds for transaction processing solutions due to high and unpredictable money spend in infrastructure, professional services and labor. ECS helps our customers from taking such extreme positions. You can become lean and efficient using your infrastructure and IT teams. However, if there are compelling reasons for moving services out, we suggest that you evaluate the many benefits of utilizing the ECS Cloud. Your data will never be shared with other customer’s data. You will be able to freely move the services to any location at any point in time without having to engage in expensive prep-works and overheads.

Dependencies on skilled labor
The highly specialized and expensive skills are usually not needed as dedicated resources. They should be available as and when needed even if it is for few hours a week. Our customers enjoy the benefit of having such skills made available to them through a highly skilled and certified professionals that uphold the value of the company.

Risk Free Acquisition Model ~ A Reality
ECS Cloud services allow our prospects and customer to do trial runs on proposed solution without having to invest time, money or making heavy commitments towards the unknown. The qualifying services can conveniently run at the ECS Cloud while the final solution can be resident at the preferred location of each customer.