Risk Free Acquisition

Sign-off from all stakeholders

Find out how you can test/qualify
a completely working solution prior to making any commitments

ECS proposes a fast, efficient and hassle-free acquisition process of its products, services and solution through its risk-free acquisition model.

The prospects messaging and transaction processing environment can be evaluated to identify gaps and or areas where improvements are most warranted.

ECS can propose and prepare solutions that can be

prior to making any commitments.

The ECS datacenters can be used for preparing the evaluation instance that will release any burden from the prospect pertaining to acquisition of hardware, software, network related overheads etc.

On qualifying the prospect can decide where the services should reside. If a development environment is desired by the IT or Middleware department of the prospect, that platform can be provided for “assembling” and testing  new transaction processing modules and services rather than building from the foundations.