IMS Treasury Application

Manage and know where your money is at a single glance


IMS gathers instructions for payments, incoming payments as well as scheduled payments to estimate balances as of T, T+1, T+2 etc.  IMS captures all statements from counterparties, organize and prepare them for statement reconciliation. IMS also collects end of the day exports from internal applications to prepare for system reconciliation.

Statement Management: 

Receive statements from banks as MT940/ MT942/Multi-Cash/Excel and other proprietary formats.  Receive Rejections from Banks as MT195.  Reconcile against payment instructions and raise exceptions as needed.

Statement Reconciliation

Match 940s/950s against instructions that were sent out during the day. Identify gaps and raise email notifications and provide facility for initiating investigations.

Reconciles outgoing instructions against incoming statements. Ensures that the books as per instructed party is in line with the requests sent out.

System Reconciliation

Ensures that the books as per instructing party is also in-line with transactions that are completed. IMS supports various type of system reconciliation. 

  1. One to One
  2. One to Multiple
  3. Multiple to One 
  4. Multiple to Multiple