IMS Treasury Application

Manage and know where your money is at a single glance

Payments & Collections

Manage and process payments and receivables through direct message exchange with counterparty banks globally. Integrate with internal applications like multiple ERP systems and Accounting systems to reach 100% STP.

Prepare instructions in any format, validate, categorize, re-group, route to appropriate bank, gather responses, reconcile with underlying instruction, manage and control, monitor and track. Handle Exceptions.

Payments & Collections
Prepare and send out payment instructions to all counterparty banks according to the preference of each receiving party. Receive and processing incoming payments. Update the cash during payment delivery and reception of statements, rejections and collections. Reconcile Payments vs Statements. Reconcile Payment vs Rejections.

Integrated Payables & Receivables
Connect with multiple ERP systems, gather payment data, categorize, process, route and clear via multiple banks and clearing houses globally by utilizing the ECS SWIFT Service Bureau and ECS Bank Hub. Prepare integrated files from various ERP systems regrouping based on specific banks to be used for clearing each payment instruction. Gather and process receivables.

Workflow Management:
Receive Payments from various ERP systems in encrypted format. Decrypt the files, convert proprietary messages to MT101 or other proprietary formats. Send the payment files to banks globally following routing rules optimizing cost/time.

Payment Scheduling
The system support batch processing, repetitive activities and various period wise commitments. Payrolls, utility bills and bill payments can be scheduled for automatic generation and release by specific date/time.