IMS Treasury Application

Manage and know where your money is at a single glance

Gateway & Messaging

SWIFT Gateway:
ECS’ PREMIER Certified SWIFT Service Bureau offers membership and connectivity for message exchange globally via FIN/FileAct/InterAct. Dashboards facilitates message creation, uploads from source systems (CBS, OMS etc.)

The ECS Bank Hub:
ECS has established direct connections with tier-1 banks, custodians and prime brokers. ECS supports formats and protocols preferred by them. Corporates and Investment Managers can utilize the existing connection and data exchange protocols for instructing, receiving and processing collections, confirms and statements.

Customer Onboarding:
Corporate customers can connect to the platform and sent integrated files via API and all known protocols to streamline their operations.

Monitoring & Fraud Prevention:
Real-time dashboards and secured access for data visibility and control. Rule based approval cycles for transactions. Lock-down and usage rules for Standing Instructions.

Platform Integration:
Integrates easily with all internal applications ranging from CBS, Accounting System, ERP systems and a series of banking applications that require movement of money.