IMS Treasury

A Cash Management & Treasury Application

Know where your money is…
and manage your positions & balances

Overview of IMS Treasury, ECS’ Cash Management & Treasury Application
A well-structured Treasury Management System that can organize, defragment, manage and control the entire Cash Management and Treasury related activities of an Enterprise. Keep track of the enterprise’s cash positions and balances. Treasury operations include cash and liquidity management, monitoring and movement of funds between accounts, currencies, and regions. Facilitate movement of money between accounts, initiate and execute currency exchanges, sweep & disperse. Some of the frequently requested functions of the application include:
  • Manage and control all money movement activities at the enterprise level
  • Centralize and defragment payment processing from initiation to settlement
  • Optimize number of banking relationships and manage liquidity efficiently
  • Payment Routing Decisions optimizing Cost, Time and Risk factors
  • Comply to every bank preferred protocols and messaging standards
  • Exchange data via Host2Host, ECS Bank Hub and ECS SWIFT Service Bureau
  • Efficient reporting for Departments, Management and Regulators
The IMS TMS service easily connects with all internal applications of an enterprise through simple parameter settings and keep track of movements and balances based on all activities. Interfaces and Dashboards are extended for every connection established to offer complete data visibility and control to the appropriate owner of each connection.  
Payments & Collections

Manage and process payments and receivables through direct message exchange with counterparty banks globally. Integrate with internal applications like multiple ERP systems and Accounting systems to reach 100% STP.

Prepare instructions in any format, validate, categorize, re-group, route to appropriate bank, gather responses, reconcile with underlying instruction, manage and control, monitor and track. Handle Exceptions.

Payments & Collections

Prepare and send out payment instructions to all counterparty banks according to the preference of each receiving party. Receive and processing incoming payments. Update the cash during payment delivery and reception of statements, rejections and collections. Reconcile Payments vs Statements. Reconcile Payment vs Rejections.

Integrated Payables & Receivables

Connect with multiple ERP systems, gather payment data, categorize, process, route and clear via multiple banks and clearing houses globally by utilizing the ECS SWIFT Service Bureau and ECS Bank Hub. Prepare integrated files from various ERP systems regrouping based on specific banks to be used for clearing each payment instruction. Gather and process receivables.

Workflow Management:

Receive Payments from various ERP systems in encrypted format. Decrypt the files, convert proprietary messages to MT101 or other proprietary formats. Send the payment files to banks globally following routing rules optimizing cost/time.

Payment Scheduling

The system support batch processing, repetitive activities and various period wise commitments. Payrolls, utility bills and bill payments can be scheduled for automatic generation and release by specific date/time.

Cash Management

Maintain positions and balances as payments are sent and received. Utilize previous day balances, statements and other sources for updates. Keep track of anticipated outgoing and incoming payments for cash forecasting.

Know your cash positions and balances at real-time. Turn this service on as and when needed. Some of the key functions available in this module are:

  • Cash Positions
  • Balances
  • Intra-day Balance
  • Forecasting & Projected Balances
  • Amount Thresholds
  • Money Transfer
  • Sweep
  • Disperse
  • Notifications

Request for balance and intra-day balance processing for need based queries. Identifies end of day uncommitted balances at various banks and sends electronic instructions to move monies. Define user specific rules for minimum balance requirements and for end-of-day schedules.

Fund Transfer & FX

Gather fund transfer requests from various internal applications and transmit payment instructions in preferred formats and protocols. Process Confirms & Statements.

Prepare Notice to Receive (MT210 or equivalent) along with MT202 for counterparties to be forewarned about funding arrangements.

Automate workflows related to preparation and processing of MT300 series messages and provide real-time interface and dashboards for visibility, control and operational support.

IMS gathers instructions for payments, incoming payments as well as scheduled payments to estimate balances as of T, T+1, T+2 etc. IMS captures all statements from counterparties, organize and prepare them for statement reconciliation. IMS also collects end of the day exports from internal applications to prepare for system reconciliation.
Statement Management
Receive statements from banks as MT940/ MT942/Multi-Cash/Excel and other proprietary formats. Receive Rejections from Banks as MT195. Reconcile against payment instructions and raise exceptions as needed.
Statement Reconciliation
Match 940s/950s against instructions that were sent out during the day. Identify gaps and raise email notifications and provide facility for initiating investigations. Reconciles outgoing instructions against incoming statements. Ensures that the books as per instructed party is in line with the requests sent out.
System Reconciliation
Ensures that the books as per instructing party are also in-line with transactions that are completed. IMS supports various types of system reconciliation:
  1. One to One
  2. One to Multiple
  3. Multiple to One
  4. Multiple to Multiple
Data Governance & Reports

Store and manage transactions, reference data, standing instructions, customer profiles, counterparty preferences, exchange rates, compliance data, etc. for reports, audit trails, decisions, validation, enrichment, substitution, etc.


Data summarization views for users belonging to various departments. End-of-day views for data statistics and accountability.

Standard Reports

Standard reports can be generated automatically and delivered to interested parties following schedule jobs. Some of the frequently requested reports are:

  • Cash Positions
  • Balances
  • Intra-day Balance
  • Projected Balances
  • Money Transfer
  • Notifications
Ad-hoc Reporting

The IMS Datastore becomes the source for custom reports as well. An interface tool is provided for users to create their own reports and schedule them for automatic delivery.

Gateway & Messaging
SWIFT Gateway

ECS’ PREMIER Certified SWIFT Service Bureau offers membership and connectivity for message exchange globally via FIN/FileAct/InterAct. Dashboards facilitate message creation, uploads from source systems (CBS, OMS etc.).

The ECS Bank Hub

ECS has established direct connections with tier-1 banks, custodians, and prime brokers. ECS supports formats and protocols preferred by them. Corporates and Investment Managers can utilize the existing connection and data exchange protocols for instructing, receiving, and processing collections, confirms, and statements.

Customer Onboarding

Corporate customers can connect to the platform and send integrated files via API and all known protocols to streamline their operations.

Monitoring & Fraud Prevention

Real-time dashboards and secured access for data visibility and control. Rule-based approval cycles for transactions. Lock-down and usage rules for Standing Instructions.

Platform Integration

Integrates easily with all internal applications ranging from CBS, Accounting System, ERP systems, and a series of banking applications that require movement of money.