IMS Transaction Monitoring

A 360o visibility, filtering and control on enterprise data

Handling Exceptions

Events & Alerts
All events and alerts that require human intervention can be pushed to owners of such transactions as well as to all interested parties following a distribution list. A link to the underlying message/transaction will be placed on the Notifications Dashboard.

Notifications Dashboard:
IMS displays all events that require manual intervention in a single dashboard. For example, arrival of unexpected messages, MT999, NACKS, rejections and failures in email notification are made visible along with postings for further action.

Repair Stations:
Failed messages results in notifications posted in dashboard and emails sent to interested parties. Interface for repairing source message, target message or simply reprocess after updating reference data tables with any missing information.

Action Items:
Some of the activities supported include updation of reference data followed by reprocess, repair of syntax related items followed by recreate, cancellation followed by request to recreate at sources systems. All repaired transactions can be subject to approval cycle. If there are transmission related errors, the point of failure is displayed on service logs that can be used for opening tickets with the appropriate technology team.