IMS Transaction Monitoring

A 360o visibility, filtering and control on enterprise data

Data Exchange Controls

Organize, manage and control data flow between internal applications and external entities. Engage filters, qualifiers, accept/reject rules, schedules, calendar etc. and extend interface and dashboard for each connection individually.

Department Heads/Administrators can add filters at Real-time to stop any messages expected from counterparties, service providers or internal systems. This can be a precaution against data entering systems via Straight Through Processing whereby the STP activities can continue while specific accounts get blocked from receiving copies of messages via subscriptions.

Acceptance Rules
Messages arriving from various customers or counterparties can be subject to acceptance/rejection criteria.  Messages that ‘hit’ such criteria are placed on Notifications Dashboard and email distributed to owners of such activities.

Every communication channel can be opened and closed based on schedules that follow calendar specific to the underlying region/country.