IMS Transaction Monitoring

A 360o visibility, filtering and control on enterprise data

Compliance Check

Data coming in or leaving via each connection channel can be subject to specific compliance process depending on the type of risk exposure associated to each connection channel.

Sanctions Screening:
High speed processing of compliance check across multiple sanctions lists. Engage rules by message type /category /subcategory. Utilize Fuzzy logic and Phonetic Search modes to enhance efficiency. Dashboards, Notifications, Interface for decisions. Audit trail on flagged messages. Support OFAC, Dow Jones, World Check, Home grown lists, Exclusion List, Whitelist etc.

Minimize False Positives
Set matching thresholds differently for each category of transaction based on amount thresholds, region, purpose, etc. Utilize Exclusion lists and Whitelists that continue to grow based on user decisions supported by approvals.

Monitor transactions over any period to identify suspicious activities, violation of usage rules, unusual movement of money, balance enquiries, deposit and withdrawals etc. Track payer and payee behaviors for profiling and monitoring.

Risk Assessment
ECS holds historical data that can become part of various type of analysis that helps bring out customer behavior and suspicious activities. Account numbers can be subject to usage rules that will control the amount of money that can be transferred over a pre-defined period of time.

Service Choice:
Third party compliance and AML services can be utilized from the IMS platform through API and other real-time or batched messaging protocols. IMS offers the ability to pick and choose between its own compliance service or engage other services while utilizing its own dashboards for monitoring and taking actions.