IMS Transaction Monitoring

A 360o visibility, filtering and control on enterprise data

Subject all data entering the IMS platform from internal applications and external entities to various type of validation, filtering, accept/reject scrutiny. Offer dashboards to have full visibility on all data and interface to manage rejected data for timely processing and accountability.

Extend dashboards and web-based access to every stakeholders to Own, Monitor, Track and Control data exchanged through each connection channel, both internal and external. Real-time status and notifications.

The IMS service can reside between internal applications and all external entities (Central Bank, SWIFT, service providers, data vendors), receive data, do validations, categorization, approvals, processing, updates and deliver copies to interested parties in desired protocol and schedule.

Connection can be established through simple parameter settings for facilitating data exchange with high level of accountability. IMS supports all traditional and modern communication methods, protocols and exposes/consumes APIs.

Interfaces and Dashboards are extended for every connection established to offer complete data visibility and control to the appropriate owner of each connection. Filters, Validation Rules, and Compliance Rules can be turned on for each connection independently.