IMS Trade Processing Platform

Defragmenting your post-trade processing workflows

SWIFT Services

ECS offers a multitude of services ranging from connectivity to message administration dashboards, interface for operations, transformation tools, workflow management, gpi, ISO 20022 migration, data storage, service support, consulting, CSP and so much more. Our solutions address the needs of every department/stakeholder with operational efficiency, data visibility and control.

Industry Roles:
ECS takes active roles in the industry for processing Payment, Securities and Statement. For that purpose. ECS can exchange data with counterparties of its customers using the SWIFT network as well as its private network, the ECS Bank hub.

SWIFT Message Transformation
Integrate with internal applications supporting any format, protocol and schedule. Convert between proprietary formats and SWIFT MT/MX standards. Such services allow an enterprise to reach 100% STP that includes the data exchange through the SWIFT network as well.

Departmental Views
Categorize and process based on BIC, Branch Code, Type, Department etc. Engage approval cycles, filters, compliance check, duplicate check, validations etc. as desired.

Repair Stations
Receive and process Acks from counterparties including SWIFT. Match against original message and update the status on real-time dashboards. Failed messages results in notifications posted in dashboard and emails sent to interested parties. Interface for repairing source message, target message or simply reprocess after updating reference data tables with any missing information

SWIFT Service Bureau
PREMIER Certified SWIFT Service Bureau, hosted on SOC Certified data centers. SWIFT Certified Engineers for managing services, connectivity, data exchange, RMA, certificates, CSP etc. Retire SAA gracefully.

SWIFT Datawarehouse
Store copies of all messages and related data elements in well-organized relational database tables. Link data elements by underlying transaction for audit and reports.

SAA archives
Historical messages from older versions of SAA can be imported to the SWIFT Datawarehouse service for data centralization and to make it easily accessible through web-interface.