IMS Payments

One-stop solution for
end-to-end processing of all payments

Pre-Payment Processing

All incoming data from internal applications and external entities are subject to a series of pre-processing services. Interface and Dashboards are extended to the appropriate stakeholders for visibility, control and for taking necessary actions. The Payment Profile, user preferences and market practices can decide which channel/rail to be used for this purpose.

Validates manually created messages as well as messages received through various communication channels against format requirements, field representation, presence of mandatory fields, conditional fields as per situation, network rules and business rules.

Messages can be enriched using information within the message or using data outside the messages. The platform manages a series of reference data tables for the sake of enrichment, substitution, validation and decisions.

Duplicate Check:
PDM check can be done on each type of message differently. The fields that should be used for comparison and the number of days to be searched from historical data can be set differently for each type/category of message.

Sanctions Screening:
Payment messages can be subject to sanctions screening using database locally available within IMS or by making calls to provider of data. OFAC, home grown lists, white lists and various type of exclusion list can be managed through tables allocated for such purposes.

IMS facilitates a series of rules that can be engaged for detecting patterns in movement of money that violates regulatory requirements. Calls can be made to providers of such services as well.

This facility allows flagging of specific messages based on account number or certain strings in the message by instantly supplying such values to the filter facility. Disputes with counterparties may call for such activities.