IMS Payments

One-stop solution for
end-to-end processing of all payments

Post-Payment Processing

Payment instructions that are successfully settled will affect post-payment services like cash positions, customer balances, Nostro balances, customer services, data governance and reporting. Since the modules communicate internally, dashboards display data at real-time.

Cash Positions & Balances: Know your cash positions and balances at real-time. Update Nostro/Vostro accounts and customer accounts as money moves out or comes in. Utilize scheduled payments for forecasting and understanding balances as of today or ‘n’ days from today.

Statement Management: Receive statements from banks as MT940/ MT942/Multi-Cash/Excel and other proprietary formats. Organize statements by messages, account number, currency, customer etc. Add comments to individual transaction within a statement thereby enabling inter-department communication with a specific transaction as underlying subject.