IMS Payments

One-stop solution for
end-to-end processing of all payments

Payment Initiation

Payments can be initiated through a series of methods.

Manual Entry:
The platform extends forms, smart forms and templates for initiating payments from branch offices of the bank.

Online Channels:
Customers can initiate payments from online channels without having to go to a branch office of the bank. They can also upload files with multiple payment instructions through the interface.

Corporate Onboarding:
Corporate customers can integrate one or more of their ERP applications with the IMS Payment platform for exchanging integrated files for both payables as well as receivables.

CBS Integration:
ECS connects with all Core Banking Systems to receive payment instructions and send back responses via any protocol. It will also send postings of incoming payments.

Integrated File Processing:
Corporate customers can connect to the platform and sent integrated files or payment instructions via all known protocols including APIs. Corporates can also utilize the ECS bank hub network for connecting directly to major banks with whom ECS has already established communication channels .