IMS Data Governance

Enterprise Data Store, Data Warehouse
And Transaction Audit

Enterprise Data Store

Golden Copies of all Messages
Stores copies of incoming and outgoing data for accountability and audit. Data can be messages, files, documents, user comments, system comments, events, notifications etc. Link data elements by underlying transaction for transaction audit.

Data Repository
Extracts field values and store for advanced search, summarization and reports. Links files, messages, documents, events and user interactions by underlying transaction.

SAA Archives
Migrate historical data from all older versions of SAA from the time of initiating data exchange via the SWIFT network to the IMS Data warehouse service. The messages are restored, indexed and made searchable online. There will be no need to maintain older versions of SAA any further.

Reference Data
Store and manage reference data, standing instructions, customer profiles, counterparty preferences, exchange rates, compliance data, etc. for decisions, validation, enrichment, substitution etc.

Data Life
Data reside in one of the three stages within IMS and move from one stage to the next through pre-defined time periods.  Transactions and underlying messages along with related data components will stay in Active stage while being processed and for ‘m’ days after settlement.  After that, they move to Live where they stay for ‘n’ number of months. On completing this timeframe, they move to Archive and stay for ‘y’ number of years. On completing the years, they are ready to be moved out to other storage systems as needed. The durations, ‘m’, ‘n’, and ‘y’ can be set differently for each type of message/transaction.