IMS Data Governance

Enterprise Data Store, Data Warehouse
And Transaction Audit

Data Ownership

Have complete visibility, access and control to data for which you are responsible for within your enterprise. Take ownership and accountability to specific groups of data. Monitor what gets transmit and be aware of what is received categorized by department, business line, connection channel etc. Ensure messages qualify for STP only after compliance to service agreements and departmental approval.

Visibility and Control
Dashboards and web-based interface to all stakeholders to own, monitor, track and control their own data exchanged through every communication channels of an enterprise.

Departmental Views
Categorize and display messages and transactions based on BIC, Branch Code, Type, Department etc. Engage approval cycles, filters, compliance check, duplicate check, validations etc. as desired for each line of business and each type of transaction differently.

Role Based Secured Access
Users and Roles can be defined independently. Any number of Roles can be assigned to a user or group of users. Roles decide how each user can take one or more same or different roles in multiple departments at the same time.