ECS Products


IMS Message Hub

An efficiently engineered data capture, storage and distribution platform that addresses the entire range of data exchange between internal applications, external entities and all interested parties.

IMS Payment Hub

Copies of incoming, outgoing or historic messages can be subscribed by any number of interested parties, systems or entities in real-time or batch mode. The subscriber’s preference on format, protocol or schedule can be set on…

IMS Trade Process

ECS Fin’s Enterprise Trade Processing Platform, IMS TPP, is a well-structured data processing and workflow management system that can organize, defragment, manage and control the entire post trade processing…

IMS Treasury Application

A well-structured Treasury Management System that can organize, defragment, manage and control the entire Cash Management and Treasuy related activities of an Enterprise. 

IMS Transaction Monitoring

Subject all data entering the IMS platform from internal applications and external entities to various type of validation, filtering, accept/reject scrutiny.

IMS Data Governance

A custodian of enterprise transaction data. Stores golden copies of all incoming and outgoing messages and related data that becomes part of the underlying transactions.

IMS Analytics & Reports

Generates various types of reports that will be useful for operations, business, compliance counterparties, customers and all authorized interested parties. Graphical display of data for easy interpretation.