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Payments as a Service

ECS offers Payments as a Service. A single integration to each of the customer’s Core Banking System is all that would be necessary to make all the modules within the payment service functional.

All payments are categorized, validated and routed to the appropriate payment module for clearing and settlement. The payment modules include low value (ACH), high value (RTGS) and real-time channels (RTP) for domestic payments.  There will also be international payment modules like SWIFT, Ripple, NIUM, Visa B2B, Circle, Western Union etc.

Direct communications with beneficiary banks, intermediary banks and correspondent banks are made possible through any protocol including SWIFT, API, SFTP, Webservices etc. 

On clearing and settlement of outgoing and incoming payments, post payment services are made available through modules like Cash Positions & Balances, Statement Reconciliation and Reporting services.

Details of the Payments application are available on the product page.  Additional information can be obtained by writing to