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Nurturing and influencing corporate journey: Treasury Management

Strategic treasury management continues to be the cornerstone of a successful organization. However, in today’s global economy, treasures fight a battle to deliver significant business value. Modernizing treasury management portal becomes the ultimate solution that upholds hedge accounting, FX, in-house banking & netting, and even provides complete visibility of liquidity and risk.

Treasury Management Nurturing & influencing corp journey
Treasury Management Nurturing & influencing corp journey

Problems Driving Corporates Towards Treasury Management Solutions

The rapid shift of the economic activity from well-established markets in North America and Europe to developing Asia, Latin America, and Africa has been asking the treasury to circumvent their performance. The regulation, fear of cybercrime, and changes in the market dynamics have left too many treasures lagging on the core activities involving debt & funding, investments, banking, liquidity management, and interest rates.

Since businesses expand in new markets, treasures have been tasked with extra work responsibility to support liquidity visibility while scaling up. During this time, even excellent treasury departments struggle to navigate multiple banking modules, diverse channels, and formats- and often lack a pliable infrastructure to connect their activities, portfolios, and risks. 

As per the reports of Deloitte’s Global Corporate Treasury Survey, which surveyed many treasures worldwide, a key concern of 75% of respondents was the choice of a best-in-class treasury management solution. 

What Are The Key Functionalities Of The Treasury Management System?

Treasury is a specialist discipline and therefore demands a special treasury management system for a well-run business. For example, the first task for most treasury departments each morning is to retrieve bank statements with accounting books to determine the current bank balance and reconcile the previous one.  

But what if treasurers mistakenly did inaccurate cash flow forecasting. In that case, there are chances that companies might have to pay incremental interest expenses and often lose money when they don’t hedge exposures for currencies and interest rates, commodity prices, or even for both. Queued in their way are myriad challenges that need to be overcome

Digital, Innovative and Modern Treasury Management: IMS Treasury

Though there are many solutions featured: cash positioning and forecasting, bank account administration, accounting, compliance, and reporting, IMS Treasury goes beyond those functions to give excellent control to companies and proactively manage the banking relationships. Delivering an intelligent treasury is a long game that demands a strong understanding of current and future cash flows to establish a lead that is increasingly hard to close.

Our Solution Is Backed With

Workflow Management

Receive Payments from various ERP systems in an encrypted format and, if required, decrypt the files convert proprietary messages to MT101 or other proprietary formats.

Data Governance & Reports

Store and manage transactions, reference data, standing instructions, customer profiles, counterparty preferences, exchange rates, compliance data for reports, audit trails, decisions, validation, enrichment, and substitution.

Cash Management

Maintain positions and balances as payments progress. The platforms also keep track of anticipated outgoing and incoming payments for cash forecasting.

Handles POBO And ROBO

Serves for intercompany netting and on-behalf-of (OBO) structures, such as payments-on-behalf-of (POBO) and receivables-on-behalf-of (ROBO), enabling the organization to consolidate, centralize and rationalize its bank accounts to enjoy greater control and increased levels of transparency. 


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