Migrate from fragile Data Mapping Tools

Embrace an Integrated Enterprise Message Hub

Message Administration made simple for Swift & Beyond

The last decade has seen several message mapping tools enter the market in the name of integration services, demanded high budgets, unlimited amount of professional services and caused heavy losses to the IT, Middleware and Swift departments. They were eventually taken down due to unreasonable down times, inabilities in keeping pace with customer needs, operational inefficiencies and inability to comply with regulatory requirements.

ECS has been progressively gaining market shares in this space, assisting our customers move from a series of fragmented data mapping tools to our integrated message administration services.  It is efficient, easy to configure, highly flexible, easily comply to market practices while allow rapid customer onboarding and easy integration with a number of source systems and external entities.

Its robustness and reliability is evident through its ability to handle very high volumes, provide high availability, zero down time or tickets and no need for scheduled restarting/recycling.

ECS’ IMS Gateway, a thoughtfully designed Enterprise Message Hub, along with our Swift Services has proven to be an efficient service that has easily replaced such services and help change the perception on middleware departments. You can transform your middleware and Swift departments from being seen as a heavy cost center to a lean and efficient profit center that caters to the needs of every internal departments, stakeholders, users and counterparties of an enterprise.

Our message hub can easily replace any and all services listed below

All such needs are easily met in IMS through engaging the appropriate module and a simple exercise of parameter settings. A typical project that remains incomplete even after spending more than a year and hefty budgets have proved to get closed within 3 to 4 months with sign-off from your IT,  Middleware, Swift, Compliance, Operations, and Business departments. Besides, Executive Dashboards have proven to be highly valuable to your upper Management and shareholders.

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