Mapping a path to ISO 20022 with IMS Swift CBPR+ Translator

In contrast to ISO 20022, today’s MT format does not allocate fields for payment purpose codes, resulting in character restrictions and limiting the information for more transparency on the involved parties and their purpose.

This results into higher levels of investigation, false positives, manual effort, increased friction, and delayed customer payments.
ISO 20022: Creando una ruta con IMS Swift CBPR+ Translator
What makes ISO 20022 so useful?

What makes ISO 20022 so useful?

ISO 20022 (MX) messages are introducing a fundamental change to the existing standard ISO 150022 (MT) used to exchange payments and cash management messages. This transformation replaces the years of industry practice and experience to manage Swift’s MT messaging standard with a new skill set and technology.

Whether directly or indirectly engaged in payment operations, it is time to understand how ISO 20022 affects your processes for fast and secure processing of cross-border payments.
Now that the go-live for ISO 20022 for cross-border payments and reporting (CBPR+) has happened and the coexistence period of MT and MX messages has started, we’re looking forward to seeing your progress. By November 2025, MT messages for cross-border payments and transaction reporting will be phased out. That will mark the end of the co-existence period.

What is CBPR+?

Cross-border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) are the guidelines defining how ISO 20022 will be used for correspondent banking on the Swift network. The set of usage guidelines has been created by the CBPR+ working group covering payment, clearing, and settlement (pacs) and cash management (camt) messages to identify and correct inaccuracies.
Translation rules for selected messages in this collection are related to the equivalent Swift MT Category 1, 2, and 9 sets of messages. The CBPR+ guidelines primarily emphasize the Request Payload, which holds critical business information. Acknowledging that a network provider will have supplementary containers surrounding the Request Payload to execute network-specific functions is important.
What is CBPR+?

Lifting the lid on
"IMS Swift CBPR+ Translator"

IMS SWIFT CBPR+ Translator from ECS Fin is an intuitive and powerful application to translate and validate messages from multiple formats to ISO20022 by maintaining a transaction copy and applying business rules across messages related to the same transaction using the same UETR number.

Our solution addresses format translation in three ways:
With the built-in mapping libraries, banks can set up their test environment quickly to convert legacy formats sent by corporate clients and translate them into the bank’s data format model based on ISO 20022.
With a pre-defined translation module, the bank’s proprietary formats can be translated into the formats (sFTP, API, TCP/IP, MQ Series & Swift) required by domestic or cross-border clearing institutions.
With available standard conversion maps, banks can translate MT to MX/MX to MT for any of the bank’s applications that haven’t migrated to ISO 20022 yet.
Lifting the lid on "IMS Swift CBPR+ Translator"
This solution can help reduce costs and the time needed for testing. It also means your experts can concentrate on other tasks instead of spending time developing translation rules from scratch. Streamline the process of migrating standards by using IMS Swift CBPR+ Translator by saving substantial time and involved cost compared to manually implementing messaging upgrades.