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Manage MultiBank Connectivity with ECS Fin’s Bankhub

management situation would not be bad for the corporates.

The tip of the iceberg follows the bank file formats, including SWIFT, XML, ISO20022 formats, proprietary formats, and protocols for bank connectivity.
Just imagine a world where you can access a single platform that allows a standard, secure and reliable connection with your financial partners, supports the sending of any format already agreed between customers and banks, and substantially reduces connectivity times, providing a better ROI.
Well, that’s the world proposed by the ECS Fin! We provide a Multibank as a Service connectivity network, Bankhub, which includes communication with banks in an agile, secure and direct way.

Manage MultiBank Connectivity with ECS Fin’s Bankhub

What’s so Buzz about Bankhub?

ECS Fin believed that corporates already have enough things to worry about without being concerned about their banking transactions. Bankhub supports exchanging any type of financial messaging, payment processes, payment status, statements (daily, intraday, real-time), collections, investments, etc., effectively providing a one-stop-shop for clients.
It won’t be wrong to say that it is an efficient connection alternative in processes and costs that allows implementing different bank connection schemes that support cash management in real-time. What’s more? It complies with BankHub international standards, acquires greater importance under the new reality that we face worldwide.

What are the main Benefits of Incorporating Bankhub?

The main feature of implementing Bankhub is to have an efficient and consolidated multi-banking connection scheme that reduces the risk counts of accessing multiple banking portals.
Let’s dive deep to know more!
Secure Infrastructure: Bankhub offers a secure and agile infrastructure for corporates under the same security parameters presented by our award-winning ECS SWIFT Service Bureau. Standardized Connection: The implementation of BankHub allows our clients to embrace security schemes and a single connection point, avoiding the development of multiple channels, protocols, and security schemes between our clients and financial institutions. Embrace Multi-Protocol: and Multi-Format Scheme: As a matter of fact, every bank has its own strands of format and protocol scheme to receive payment instructions and return bank statements or payment statuses. Bankhub supports each bank’s technical, security, and agreed format scheme requirements, managing a standardization and a stable and proven environment. Support Multi-channel: BankHub supports any connection scheme with our clients, Host to Host, Web Service, MQ, APIs, among others, both with corporations and with connected financial entities.

Is there any Complementary Services BankHub Offer?

In addition to the critical multibank connectivity service, multi-format, multi-channel support, Bankhub also provides a portfolio of complementary services for treasury and finance teams. Be following services:

Why ECS Fin’s BankHub?

ECS Fin offers a one-stop solution for corporates for their banking connectivity needs. BankHub takes advantage of more than 20 years of ECS Fin’s experience in banking connections and the network of connections established by the company during its history around the world. Reaching out to new territory that can increase global cash visibility in real-time without the need for manual intervention would be a great idea for corporates.