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Bring the human factor into the customer’s journey has gained momentum in the financial industry. Rather than getting straight to the business nitty-gritty, users are more fascinated by how the banks make digital banking humane. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the traditional business model has flipped its sides towards the path to rethink when, where, and how to cultivate deeper connections and understand customers’ lives more holistically.






Emotions guide us

After all, it has been researched that approximately 80 percent of people’s decisions depend on emotions, while only 20 percent decide based on practicality and subjectivity. And the same situation prevails in digital banking applications. The emotional connection reflects reliability, trust, authenticity, and intuitive feeling towards the brand.


Though many banks have not started to adopt this newly transformed ideology, time is of essence to begin tapping into the full emotional potential of their users to empower the customer service experience. To suit the customers’ needs, aspirations, and value is the eventual way to begin the journey toward more human banking.

There is no denying that most banks use a digital platform to let them check balances and perform payments and transfers. Have they ever considered what if they fail to inculcate an emotional connection with the user? Does not it sound logical?

To be more precise, the digital experience is being recognized as the primary area of differentiation and competition for financial institutions. The deeper engagement and customer intimacy are the new normal of digital banking.

Emotional connection

According to an EY report, the global adoption of fintech services has shown a steady improvement from 16% in 2015 to 64% in 2019. It is expected to grow even faster to bring convenience and security for the users. What’s more? According to Global Banking & Finance reports, there is an estimate showing 72% of adults in the UK will use mobile apps for payments and transactions by 2023. What’s the stumbling block for this new invention, then?

Of course, emotionally connected individuals are less price-sensitive, extravagant, and even recommend the brand’s services to others than those who are highly satisfied. Harvard Business Review just proved how emotional connection increased the sales of a major bank by 70% after attaching personal and aspirational credit card services to existing account holders.

How banks can build and maintain emotional connections through digital banking:

Let’s unveil together the certain ways to develop a roadmap for humane digital banking experience.

Incorporating a wow feature for their customers

The emotional connection can be built with the users by introducing unexpected, cool, and different features into mobile and online banking applications.

A worthy advocate of this type of approach is IMS suits of products that incorporate unique solutions that eventually help develop an emotionally connected bridge and bond with the users irrespective of their domain. After all, this impeccable approach triggers positive emotions from the users.

A connection with the customer’s lifestyle

The following way that can help to develop a humane and robust connection with the customers is by offering digital banking services that connect with the user’s values, needs, and aspirations.

The lack of inflexibility in the banking platform also impacts the customer-facing interface leading to delays in customer-onboarding, manual intervention in transaction processing, redundancies, and rework in case of transaction failures, the ripple effect of which can be felt by the end customer, leaving them frustrated and sometimes alienating them entirely.

From a bank’s perspective, the cost of developing a new digital platform, adding new channels and innovative capabilities, and integrating them with legacy systems become expensive and time-consuming.

Making Digital Banking Humane

With the proliferation of mobile applications in today’s digital era, studies prevailed that customer are shifting to digital banking prior to the pandemic. According to BCG global study, mobile banking is increased by 30% and online banking by 23%, predicting the new normal of digital banking.

All these studies reveal the urgent need to create deeper personal connections with the customers by offering enhanced products and services built around their unique needs and the potential to create new value for the bank.


Zenus Bank

Zenus bank, the first US virtual bank that desired to have a rapid implementation track for engaging an efficient payment processing service.

We offered a comprehensive solution that consists of a series of pre-payment processing modules, clearing, and settlement via all available channels, post-payment processing modules, and connectivity services, bringing efficiency and speed while eliminating all known risks. ECS satisfied the needs of multiple user groups, covering business, business support, operations, and IT.

ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions


AM Bank

ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions

From a bank’s perspective, the cost of developing a new digital platform, adding new channels and innovative capabilities, and integrating them with legacy systems become expensive and time-consuming.

This delay makes adoption of digital transformation slower for them while agile fintech firms continue to level up the game. A great example of this is ECS Fin, which developed award-winning solutions focusing on the opportunities to leverage digital banking facilities.


Zand Bank

According to the CEO of Zand bank, no technology, mindset, process, and policy legacy is a crucial advantage to start a brand-new digital bank. It’s just the solution or application that creates a human connection and welcomes customers to resolve their queries—for instance, offering real-life interactions and communications and a user-friendly interface in the digital banking journey.

Emotional AI technology will certainly grab the user’s emotional state to determine the reliability and trustworthiness of a bank or financial institution in the future. This approach can let the company know the user’s interactions with the services by tracking mouse cursor movement patterns.

Certainly, it will add wings to the fintech industry by analysing the customer’s choice via emotionally intelligent digital banking applications and let them enjoy or embrace the real-time user experience based on the user’s emotional state and reactions.

ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions

How it all comes together?

At ECS Fin, we design our solution to make digital banking more human and less complicated by bringing customer-centric, innovative, engaging, visually appealing, and consistent approaches. Making humane digital banking solely depends on making the application’s features and functions connected with the customer on an emotional level.

After all, when users were interrogated what should be the most appealing features in the banking providers, we prepared this poll

Need to make the process of sending money or paying bills easier
An innovative solution to help achieve the daily transaction needs
User-friendly interface
Accurate recommendations for budgeting and saving

Accurate recommendations for budgeting and saving

Undoubtedly, competition in the banking domain continues to accelerate; differentiation will be less focused on the functional breadth and more about the emotional bonds and intimacy that digital banking applications can ever create with their respective customers. ECS Fin partners with all sizes of banks and corporates globally to develop the digital banking experience more humanely. ECS Fin Digital Banking Platform has a presentation layer that can connect with any channel today and in the future. From portals, mobiles, phone banking, IVR, APIs but also with the channels of the future, banks are shifting from omnichannel to Omni-access digital banking platforms.