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Know the digital trends in the fintech world for 2022

Have you ever imagined a day without new forecasts of technology-induced solutions hitting the front pages? Of course not! In the process of transforming any organization into an Enterprise of the Future, it’s easy to get caught in technology’s glamour. And Financial services are no exception in this case! Plenty of digital ink has been spilled over the last few decades on the accelerating digital trends of tech-driven companies moving into financial services.

Know the digital trends in the fintech world for 2022

Digital Trends for 2022

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Open banking models: A New Paradigm of Digital Trends

Where some people have begun saying that approximately 58% Of consumers with mobile banking applications would be willing to switch to a mobile-only bank, that’s a strong statement! Another accelerator setting a new paradigm in the fintech industry is Open banking.  

Latin America, which is not so commonly known for embracing digital payments, is also opening up its gates to embrace open banking- a perfect amalgamation of financial markets through technology, data, and new digital products. er accelerator setting a new paradigm in the fintech industry is Open banking.

What’s more? Specifically in Mexico, in March 2020, the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) published the first rules of Open Banking, contemplated in the ‘Ley Fintech.’ That’s what enabled agile and flexible non-bank players to enter the payment service market without fear of maintaining heavy banking infrastructure or complying with the complex regulated protocols.


Through API (application program interfaces), they will now access the bank’s infrastructure and data. Now, positioning in the attractive finance market has given excellent customer experience and lower cost bases than banks. 

That was about open Banking! Swift is also ruling the finance world and inviting banks, corporates, and other financial institutions to enable frictionless and instant transactions from one account to another, anywhere in the world.

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The SWIFT platform Evolution: Connectivity Update

SWIFT has recently released a new connectivity guidance info paper that sets a new vision for customer connectivity with the SWIFT platform. This new evolution will present diverse options for the customers to plan their implementations and leverage faster, better, and smarter transaction facilities.

A new version is now available with important updates, including:

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Creating a future-proof model around Digital Trends

Buy Now Pay Later is setting new trends in the payment and credit system, disrupting both the lending and payment industry. Everyone is just talking about it, such as Customers, Merchants Investors, and BNPL companies for sure. In fact, Regulators across the globe are also keeping a close eye on the development and its impact on the consumers and ecosystem as a whole. 

Though the concept of post-purchase, pre-purchase, or even during the purchase isn’t new, the ease of flexibility, usage, and mutual advantages at various value chain phases is making this trend one of the fastest-growing segments in payments. Within the next decade, it is expected that $306.8 bn of e-commerce purchases will be made via BNPL, increasing from $97.2bn in 2020. Merchants have seen a lift in their sales, and GenY & GenZ generations are generally driving this new trend.  

ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions
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Cognitive Intelligence to boost Digital Transformations

Digital transformations are also driven by AI and ML, reinventing the entire ecosystem of the financial service industry with the new business models designed to be more effective, supportive, and self-adaptive.

Thanks to cognitive intelligence, AI-powered systems are just performing some aspects of the human intellect with more efficiency than ever expected. 

ECS Fin- Saving the Sailors

However, one can’t ignore the fact that innovative technologies simultaneously lead to new problems such as privacy and new risks such as fraud and cybercrime. There are many new issues on the horizon, and some don’t have a clear answer in the short term. ECS Fin is making an effort to adopt technological advancements and gain a lot later on regarding financial security and integration into the market. We always have a feeling of deja vu.


Whether it’s about SWIFT connectivity, pen banking, and AI-driven solutions, ECS Fin has been well-prepared with every trend. Our solutions present many benefits such as increased transparency, improved risk management, alleviation of transactions, and opportunities for innovation through analytics on consolidated information. 

Know the digital trends in the fintech world for 2022

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