IMS Trade Process

A Centralized Post-Trade Processing Platform

Defragment & Optimize
your post-trade processing workflows

Overview of IMS Trade Process, ECS’ Centralized Post-Trade Processing Platform

ECS Fin’s Enterprise Trade Processing Platform, IMS TPP, is a well-structured data processing and workflow management system that can organize, defragment, manage and control the entire post trade processing and money movement activities of an enterprise.

The Platform is enriched with modules for processing trades, moving money, reconcile cash, keep track of securities/cash positions and balances and reconcile statements.

The platform also hosts services for preparing instructions in formats preferred by each counterparty and deliver in the desired protocols and schedules as well.

Trade Settlement

Buy Side firms instruct Custodians to move securities and their banks to move money for the processing and settlement of trades.

A well-structured workflow management system that can organize, defragment, manage and control the entire post-trade processing and money movement activities of an enterprise. Enhance visibility, control, security and operational efficiency.

Collects copies of confirmed trades from OMS, Matching Services and external Advisors. Prepare Settlement Instructions in formats preferred by each counterparty and transmit via preferred network/protocol. Manage SSI locally or utilize Alerts for enrichment and validation. Process Status and Confirms. Reconcile with Statements.

The Module utilizes/supports SWIFT MT 540-549 messages or their equivalent in proprietary formats as preferred by each counterparty.


IMS Trade Process is enhancing its trade settlement process by introducing the functionality to incorporate the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) into all of its trade settlement messages, a move that significantly streamlines the tracking and management of trade instructions. The UTI, a globally recognized identifier, is essential in the financial markets for ensuring the efficient tracking of transactions across various systems and jurisdictions. By integrating the UTI, the solution aims to provide a more transparent, efficient, and reliable trade settlement process, facilitating easier monitoring and reconciliation of trades for both regulators and participants.

Securities View

The Swift Securities View provides the complete lifecycle of securities transactions through real-time tracking and management. The IMS Trade process platform leverages this service by integrating with Swift Securities View via its APIs. This strategic move enables users of the IMS solution to monitor transactions and take faster corrective measures in real-time throughout each phase of the trade instruction cycle. With the transition to T+1 settlement, there is a higher risk of more number of trades not being able to settle due to limited time for amendments or corrections. The Swift Securities View provides opportunity for early intervention by making the status of each trade available at real-time. By identifying discrepancies in trade instructions early, customers can take necessary action and avoid settlement fails.


In the evolving landscape of financial markets, the drive towards a T+1 settlement cycle represents a significant leap forward in enhancing efficiency and reducing risk. IMS Trade Process is at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging two pivotal innovations: the integration of the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) for precise tracking of trade settlement messages and the strategic alliance with SWIFT’s Securities View platform through API integration. These integrations facilitate real-time tracking of transactions throughout the trade instruction cycle and ensure a streamlined and transparent process. Together, these features equip the solution to support financial institutions in achieving T+1 settlement, marking a significant stride towards faster, more reliable trade settlements.

Receive/Deliver Free

Automate the entire workflow for preparing and processing Receive Free and Deliver Free instructions. Utilize MT 540 and MT 542 messages, validated according to SWIFT standards for easy interpretation and Straight Through Processing with the internal applications as well as with counterparties and customers. The Module utilizes/supports SWIFT MT 540, 542, 544, 546, 548, 549 messages or their equivalent in proprietary formats as preferred by each counterparty.

Positions Transfer

Prepare instructions to move securities from one custodian to another. Create MT 540 and MT 542 as 2 legs of the same transaction that will initiate the sender and receiver to take necessary actions.

The Module utilizes/supports SWIFT MT 540, 542, 544, 546, 548, 549 messages or their equivalent in proprietary formats as preferred by each counterparty.

Money Transfer

Eliminate multiple tokens and banking portals with a single platform for managing all your money movement activities across all currencies. The platform connects to banks and custodians globally. Process Confirms and Statements. Monitor cash positions and balances at real-time.

  • Single Wire
  • Batch/Netting
  • Single Debit Multi Credit
  • Multi-Debit Multi Credit
  • Sequenced Payments
  • Linked Payments
  • Distress Fund Mgmt.
Foreign Exchange

Prepare FX messages to instruct Fund Administrators, Banks and Custodians to move money between currencies.

The Module utilizes/supports SWIFT MT 300 series messages or their equivalent in proprietary formats as preferred by each counterparty.

Exchange rates are subscribed from the market from multiple providers and kept in reference data tables. The appropriate exchange rates along with pre-defined agreements with each counterparty can be deducted and applied to calculations as needed in instructions.

SSI Management

Utilize well defined Relational Database Tables to be the source for enrichment, validations, decisions, substitutions etc. SSI’s are a sub-set of Reference Data Tables.

Counterparty Preferences

Enrichment and validation can be done complying to the preference of each counterparty for each message individually.

Alert Messages

Process Alert messages for Standing Settlement Instructions. Utilize for enriching trade and payment instructions with account details and all information for clearing and settlement.

Internal Security & SSI Lockdown

Usage rules can be defined and engaged for specific account numbers that are required to receive large amounts. Any account that is not pre-qualified for such activities will not be able to pass validation when the instructions go through the internal control stage. The engagement rules can be subject to an approval cycle along with setting of validity periods.

SWIFT Services

ECS offers a multitude of services ranging from connectivity to message administration dashboards, interface for operations, transformation tools, workflow management, gpi, ISO 20022 migration, data storage, service support, consulting, CSP and so much more. Our solutions address the needs of every department/stakeholder with operational efficiency, data visibility and control.

Industry Roles

ECS takes active roles in the industry for processing Payment, Securities and Statement. For that purpose. ECS can exchange data with counterparties of its customers using the SWIFT network as well as its private network, the ECS Bank hub.

SWIFT Message Transformation

Integrate with internal applications supporting any format, protocol and schedule. Convert between proprietary formats and SWIFT MT/MX standards. Such services allow an enterprise to reach 100% STP that includes the data exchange through the SWIFT network as well.

Departmental Views

Categorize and process based on BIC, Branch Code, Type, Department etc. Engage approval cycles, filters, compliance check, duplicate check, validations etc. as desired.

Repair Stations

Receive and process Acks from counterparties including SWIFT. Match against original message and update the status on real-time dashboards. Failed messages results in notifications posted in dashboard and emails sent to interested parties. Interface for repairing source message, target message or simply reprocess after updating reference data tables with any missing information

SWIFT Service Bureau

PREMIER Certified SWIFT Service Bureau, hosted on SOC Certified data centers. SWIFT Certified Engineers for managing services, connectivity, data exchange, RMA, certificates, CSP etc. Retire SAA gracefully.

SWIFT Datawarehouse

Store copies of all messages and related data elements in well-organized relational database tables. Link data elements by underlying transaction for audit and reports.

SAA archives

Historical messages from older versions of SAA can be imported to the SWIFT Datawarehouse service for data centralization and to make it easily accessible through web-interface.