Redefining Transaction Processing Solutions

For Banks, Capital Markets & Corporates

Defragment and Optimize your Transaction Processing Applications

A systems approach to transaction processing

Move from department centric, fragmented applications and fragile data mapping tools to integrated platforms that can host any number of data processing, messaging and connectivity services for all transactions while addressing the need of each user, department, customer and counterparty.

End-to-end processing, visibility & control

Our IMS solutions address all stages of every transaction from initiation to settlement and beyond to data governance, reports and customer services. It extends role-based dashboards and interfaces to offer complete visibility and controls at the branch, department, region and entity level.

Freedom from
integration tools

Eliminate fragile data mapping services data redundancy and unwarranted travel of data between systems. Cut down infrastructure costs, operational costs, errors and omissions. Retire expensive and inefficient legacy systems, integration services, connectivity tools, pre-processing services gracefully.

Why IMS?

Very high customer ratings, realized process efficiency, savings in infrastructure, maintenance and support costs.  Easily add new lines of business, attain compliance to market demands, counterparty preferences, regulatory changes and mergers/acquisitions without causing disruption.

Process optimization matters

Eliminate the need to send messages between services that add very little in the overall transaction processing cycle. Engage an integrated platform that will offer Data Accountability, Process efficiency, Operational Efficiency, Faster onboarding, Lean, Efficient and high Customer Ratings.

What our
customers say

We have terminated several expensive legacy systems gracefully ever since IMS was introduced. Our payments and trade processing activities have become lean and efficient. We moved a multitude of staff from mundane jobs behind closed doors to enhance customer services and to open new lines of business using the same platform.