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ECS Fin expands partnership with INSTANT, adding Treasury to boost its payments and trade settlement solutions beyond T+1

ECS Fin expands partnership with INSTANT

Westchester, NY – ECS Fin, the leading global financial solution provider, announces a strategic alliance with INSTANT, a global leader in financial messaging, to revolutionize payments and settlement processing. These innovative services will advance the automation of complex workflows, engage intelligent UI, and provide a comprehensive view of financial transactions, positions, and balances globally across all regions for financial institutions and corporations.

The complexities in movement of money and securities starting from initiation to clearing and settlement, and beyond to data governance and reporting calls for an enhanced platform that makes processing activities smoother, more transparent, and faster, thus improving trust and efficiency in financial markets.

This significant move to collaborate will help provide critical financial information, reporting, and relational intelligence instantly as soon as transactions are initiated, progressed, and settled through complex workflows that involve multiple parties, risk, and compliance.

‘ECS Fin’s Payments and Trade Processing solution empowers banks, investment managers, custodians, broker/dealers and clearing agents to modernize their transaction processing activities and become efficient, and we’re delighted to be partnering with INSTANT.” 

Jacob Aruldhas

Chief Executive Officer – ECS Fin


INSTANT, an award-winning leader in financial technology, is redefining how organizations manage and visualize liquidity with the introduction of INSTANT Financial Services. This innovation enhances cash visualization before it reaches bank accounts, informing organizations of revenue and expenses as they are occurring in transactions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, trades, and Intra-company adjustments.

INSTANT’s Michael McMackin, CEO, states, “Our newest data fabric innovations, as well as an expanded partnership with ECS Fin, represent a quantum leap in our ability to help customers drive intelligent business transformations through data and integrated intelligence, all at speeds unmatched in the industry.”

Key Benefits of the Revolutionized Platform:

In today’s fast-paced financial market, staying ahead means leveraging technology that enhances efficiency and ensures compliance and market relevance. Our advanced integrated intelligent network is a sophisticated architecture that transforms data into the essential foundation of all strategic, actionable intelligence, which anchors our core value proposition.

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INSTANT empowers global organizations with INSTANT Intelligence across their enterprise from a single connected platform. From worldwide receivables reconciliation, FX, and liquidity management to supply chain, marketing, and performance management, INSTANT enables instantaneous worldwide transaction visibility. The world’s largest organizations rely on INSTANT to streamline key processes, protect against loss, and accelerate growth opportunities through improved enterprise-wide decision-making. INSTANT and its global partners IBM, AWS Microsoft, Google Cloud, Lenovo, and UST provide technologically advanced products and services in the most secure, scalable, and innovative environments. For more information, visit  

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