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Driving Successful Cloud Migration

Companies are prompted to acquire a continuous commitment to embrace successful cloud migrationAfterall, modernization is a subject of constant reinvention or realignment of how companies imagine, respond, and adapt.

Real-time payments, digital banking, and PSD2 are gaining momentum in the payments industry. Advancement in the payment processing is shifting the customer engagement habits and simultaneously bringing new opportunities for the payment industry.   

Amongst all this flux, one thing is quite crystal-clear: “cloud migration” offers flexibility, security, agility, and reliable strategies, leading companies to successfully complete their business projects that have been pipelined for many years.

Cloud migration is an indispensable operation for any digital transformation success. Because of its focuses on digital capabilities, right cloud partnerships to bring crucial steering support. More than 80% of the decision-makers believe that constant improvement is key to success, and 70% claims that investment in the right solution yields the best results.

Driving Successful Cloud Migration

Crucial Pathway to Achieve Digital Future- Cloud Migration

Corporates and financial institutions face many challenges of evolving with the recent trends in order to adapt and innovate with the customer’s habits. Cloud transformation is witnessed as the crucial pathway to achieve a digital future, but pursuing this walk without developing a holistic strategy is a big mistake. In order to ensure that the investment is purely pay off, smarter approaches need to be designed to accelerate and adapt to technological change.   

However, the monolithic tech infrastructure, people realignment, and outdated concepts to work on a specific project are the main setbacks for the large firms to continue at the same pace of innovation. On the tip of the iceberg, the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19 have brought new challenges for existing companies to acquire resilience and agility.

Optimistically, the firms that have successfully completed their cloud-led modernization are sustaining growth and withering future uncertainties. In order to imbibe this catalyst in your digital transformation strategies, start bidding on the democratized and portfolio management approach to balance the long-term evolution of the already existing platform and produce new opportunities for future growth.

Cloud Migration Holistic Approach

Aforementioned, a holistic cloud migration strategy is the key enabler for digital transformation. This approach is not solely based on how agile the IT infrastructure of the banks or firms are. It also depends on how adaptable the workforces are at an organization-wide level. The internal practices and underlying principles require to be changed in order to expedite the value of cloud investments.  

Concurrently, infrastructure upgrade is another critical initiative to accelerate modernization timelines and indoctrinate workforces to match the modern infrastructure management.

Fortunately, Fintech companies can help firms and banks with the right tools, solutions, and training to hasten the cloud migration process to weed out all the legacy system setbacks. Stack and select the right partners with the deliberate value lens to ensure that investment is worthwhile and pulling out good ROI value.

Fortify the Security Plans for Cloud Migration Initiatives

For cloud migration projects, security and compliance are known to be bedrocks. Securing data is paramount to maintain brand value and customer loyalty; therefore, management must work on this initiative before migrating. 

Security and compliance failure leads to enormous regulatory scrutiny, ultimately damaging the image. Moreover, keeping an eye on the compliance aspects of messages against any number of sanctions list is another crucial consideration.

Cloud migration will have a direct impact on your security practices and policies and the fact of how your team uses this modern technology. What’s more? Calculated step with a pilot project for encrypting data demands for high-quality design and compliance of regulations to manage both the security of data and migration of data securely.

Hence, it is imperative to plan for the entire process and map all the benefits, challenges, and processes to start using the cloud with ease. Be aware of a well-defined governance model and securely encryption of data for the successful cloud transformation and embracing enhanced system resilience, protection, and maintenance capabilities. 

Note Taking Tips!

For almost every enterprise and financial institution, cloud computing has become a must-have technology. After all, its benefits speak louder than any other advancements for achieving faster speed-to-market offerings, security, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and more substantial growth & scale.

Well, for some financial institutions and firms, cloud migration may seem like a long-haul transition. Honestly, the ones who have successfully born the fruit are yielding competitive benefits right away.  

How ECS Fin Can Make Your Cloud Migration Journey a Bed of Roses

The global pandemic highlighted how critical lending is to accelerate trends already in motion and bring innovation to the table to bear profitable results. ECS Fin, a fintech firm, vows to aid corporates and financial institutions seize every miniature opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

Our cloud solution facilitates prospects to utilize the solutions and services seamlessly. We offer managed services, meaning customers can embrace limitless scalability and connectivity without any hassle. ECS Fin believes in discovering modern and innovative solutions for customers to meet compliance and security standards to support the transition from the top down to a future agile state.

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