Cross-Border Payments:
Exploring PSP connectivity with IMS

The value of cross-border payments continues to rise as banks, financial institutions, and corporations seek more reliable support to strengthen their cross-border money-movement capabilities, resulting in end-to-end speed, cost efficiency, and transparency.

Cross-Border Payments: Exploring PSP connectivity with IMS

Understanding the global cross-border payments landscape

Let’s consider a scenario where Payee A needs to transfer funds cross-border to his friend’s bank account. Payee A’s bank establishes a connection with a “Correspondent bank” that maintains direct relationships with both banks involved in the transaction. However, there’s a complication: depending on the currencies or countries involved, a single correspondent bank may not always be feasible. In such instances, Bank A will connect with one correspondent bank, which will then establish a link with another that can facilitate the transaction with Bank B. These chains of intermediaries have historically contributed to delays in cross-border payments.
However, as of now, this landscape is evolving as banks worldwide are enhancing communication technology and expanding their network of relationships to expedite processes. To achieve the cross-border payments in terms of speed, transparency, cost, and access, many payments are routed through the PSP networks (such as Mastercard, Thunes, Visa B2B Connect, and Western Union) to reach the destination bank within a short timeframe. Elevate your international payment processes today and immerse yourself in a realm of efficient financial solutions!

Global market infrastructure and
PSP connectivity:

Today, financial institutions and corporations oversee millions of payments and financial messages on a global scale. The dilemma lies in identifying a reliable, customizable solution for the cross-border payments connectivity . Such a solution must enhance efficiency, mitigate risk, scale with evolving business requirements, and seamlessly integrate with other market infrastructures.

Visa B2B Connect:

This infrastructure facilitates global B2B payments directly between an originating and a receiving financial institution via a suite of APIs , streamlining payments with greater transparency and predictability.

Know exactly when the funds will be delivered


Clarity and certainty when it comes to fees and FX rates

Single Connection:

A direct connection to a global network without intermediary fees

Mastercard XBS®:

It offers a payment network that ensures fully transparent FX rates and expedited payment processing, reaching 90% of the global population.
With Mastercard Cross-Border Services, you can:

Seamlessly process payments through a single, secure connection.

Provides real-time transaction tracking with no hidden fees, backed by the stability and resilience of Mastercard's network.

Deliver cost efficiencies for high-volume, low value transactions.


It delivers cost-effective, reliable transactions, optimizing global reach and currency exchange, and differentiating service offerings have become table stakes for banks.

Reliable and far-reaching network, founded on strong and direct relationships.

Provides simple, instantaneous, cost-effective remittance experience to customers.

Manages foreign exchange, and mitigates fraud.


Integrate seamlessly with Thunes‘ global payment network to meet and exceed the demands of your global customers. Streamline cross-border payouts and international transfers effortlessly, ensuring unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Integrate and implement fast cross-border payments securely and cost-effectively.

Real-time reporting- makes the whole process visible and transparent.

Facilitate online payments from global customers in their preferred payment methods.

Fast and traceable transactions with up to 10x lower fees.


As institutions recognize the challenges in cross-border transactions, many are seeking ecosystem partnerships to enhance speed, transparency, and risk reduction in international payments. IMS Payments offers banks access to a comprehensive range of cross-border payment networks , both traditional and next-generation, through a modern cloud-native platform.

Partnering with industry leaders like Mastercard, Visa, Thunes, NIUM, and Western Union via ECS Fin enables banks and financial institutions to oversee their cross-border services efficiently. Our IMS solutions offer connectivity to numerous market infrastructures and PSPs, enabling banks and financial institutions to efficiently oversee their cross-border services.

Additionally, our solutions cater to multiple languages, various time zones, and diverse regulations through advanced STP. Users can establish rules accordingly, communicate with global counterparts, and access accurate information anytime, anywhere, and in any language. IMS solutions also enable seamless integration of services, facilitating the completion of payment structures or system overhauls without extensive architecture enhancements.

We are poised to achieve a significant milestone by facilitating payments across all networks. We address traditional inter-bank cross-border payment challenges, ensuring predictability and real-time visibility while minimizing handoffs in the payment chain. Our commitment to enhanced customer convenience reflects our core values of digital financial inclusion.