Business Solutions for Capital Markets

End-to-end Transaction Processing Solutions

Message administration and Trade Processing Solutions
for Investment Managers, Custodians, Broker/Dealers, Clearing Agents & more

Create end-to-end message administration and transaction processing solutions using our products and services as summarized below.

Post Trade Processing

Move money and securities efficiently utilizing the IMS Trade Processing Platform. Utilize ECS Cloud services and IMS Simulators for doing rapid POC’s for Risk-Free Acquisitions.

Integration Services

Connect with external entities and internal applications through simple parameter settings. Extend interface and dashboard for each connection established to offer complete visibility and control by department, stakeholder, user/interested party using IMS Gateway.

Customer Onboarding

Receive Integrated files from customers in any format/ protocol and accept for processing or reject for non-compliance. Send end-of-day and end-of-month statements in desired formats and protocols to reach 100% STP with their accounting systems.

Counterparty Onboarding

Engage any counterparty for transaction processing regardless of differences in messaging formats or protocols. Support variations in MT/MX formats as preferred by Counterparties and proprietary formats as desired by larger financial organizations globally. Utilize direct as well as Swift based communications from ECS’ data centers.

Swift Services

Manage all Swift Messages starting from connectivity to distribution using ECS’ Swift Services. Extend interface and dashboards for visibility and control for every department according to BIC, Branch Code, Message Type and Line of Business.

Central Bank Adapters

The IMS Trade Processing Platform has smart integration services that will easily connect the appropriate trade settlement services of Clearing Agents or Central Banks. 

Service Providers

Utilize the supporting components and modules available in the IMS Platform for easily engaging service providers of your choice for trade enrichment, trade matching, etc.


Consolidate your multiple Swift Connectivity services and other redundant services utilizing our enterprise message hub. Have the ability to engage physical and/or logical separation of data by BIC and Branch Codes, line of business, departments etc.