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Securing Securities Settlement Compatible Application Certification for the 10th Consecutive Years

Trade Settlement Swift Certification 2023

ECS Fin, a leading global post-trade processing provider specializing in process optimization through solutions and services in message-based communication and transaction processing, has consistently maintained adherence to rigorous Swift industry standards for the last decade. We are proud to announce that this year, we are the first to be certified for the Securities Settlement Compatible Application Certification 2023.

This accomplishment underscores that IMS Securities upholds the highest standards of compliance and efficiency, facilitating secure operations for capital markets worldwide, with a constant emphasis on minimizing breaks and settlement time. The solution supports the entire trade settlement cycle, encompassing the movement of funds and FX workflows. The application is designed to support Alliance Access 7.6 or higher to align with the changes required for the FINplus service.

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Contributing factors behind the successful completion of Swift certification over the last decade

IMS Securities is a well-structured data processing and workflow management system that can organize, defragment, manage, and control an enterprise’s entire post-trade processing and money movement activities. The platform is versatile, accommodating various formats such as Swift FIN, ISO 20022, Excel, XML, and proprietary formats preferred by any counterparty.

With support for popular protocols like APIs, MQ and File transfer, the platform ensures seamless communication. Furthermore, it is integrated with the Swift Cloud services to provide the Swift Securities View aiding in timely exception handling for T+1 Readiness. The comprehensive features of IMS Securities make it a powerful tool for streamlined and efficient post-trade operations.

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‘’IMS Securities aims to provide end-to-end tracking capabilities for all parties throughout the settlement life cycle. This is achieved by implementing the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) and leveraging the Swift Securities View’’

IMS Securities Platform helps capital markets with:

  • Supporting trade management, clearing, settlement, and real-time tracking
  • End-to-end processing and tracking of all movement of money and securities covering transfers & FX
  • Real-time information on the status of each trade from all parties through the Swift Securities View
  • Multi-X features, including multiple legal entities, languages, business lines, asset classes, markets, and geographies in a single platform.

About ECS Fin

ECS Fin’s Securities Processing solution empowers investment managers, custodians, broker/dealers and clearing agents to modernize their post-trade activities and become efficient.

ECS Fin has been delivering innovative solutions to its customers of all sizes globally for more than a decade. Our systems approach to transaction-processing helps its customers to move from a series of fragmented department centric applications to a robust integrated platform.