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ECS Fin today announced the release and support of the latest SWIFT Standards Release 2021. Our Payment Processing Platform and Trade Processing Platform have been recertified by SWIFT with GOLD status. The achievement demonstrates that our products, IMS Payments and IMS Securities meet rigorous industry standards with excellent references from our user community. These solutions along with our PREMIER Certified SWIFT Service Bureau and ISO 20022 Readiness will ensure business continuity without interruptions.

ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions
ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions

Godwin G. Robert, Our Director Of Payments Stated:

“Our platform takes role as Sender, Receiver, Correspondent and Intermediary and it’s very important for us to be ahead of the game in addressing the needs of our customers who are market leaders in their respective regions”.

Adwin A. Shines, Trade Processing Director, Commented:

“We are ready for our diverse user community ranging from Hedge Funds and Investment Managers to Fund Administrators and Trade Matching Services”.

ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions
ECS Fin - A Systems Approach to Messaging & Transaction Processing Solutions


We have unique and personalized tools that offer different functionalities

Our bank-hub network, an alternate to our SWIFT Service Bureau, connects directly with major banks, custodians, prime brokers and can be a back-up plan for our customer’s counterparties who may not be ready with the SR 2021 or ISO 20022 standards.

Our IMS Workflow Manager product can be utilized for efficient communication between any internal applications including legacy systems and external entities via SWIFT or alternate networks regardless of differences in formats and protocols.

User interface, event notifications and repair stations are readily available for handling exceptions. We are delighted to have secured this SWIFT Compatible Application label and exhibit unmatchable capabilities, capacities and proof of the solution’s ability to assist customers as the industry evolves.

As the economic disruption caused by COVID-19, many financial institutions and corporates have been dealing with the uncertainty of real-time access to their transactions. As per the commitment, our platforms address the end-to-end processing of transactions covering initiation, validation, compliance, routing, and pre/post services to ensure customers are enabled and compliant.

IMS suits of products have been supporting the SWIFT standards for many years. The solution is compatible and ready to assist our customers in this next stage, following changes in market practices like SWIFT 2021 and ISO 20022 standards.


Founded in 1999 as a consulting firm, ECS Fin Inc. is headquartered in New York with market share distributed Corporate Credentials globally. We recognized inefficiencies in the way data, money, and securities got processed and moved between customers, service providers, and beneficiaries.

With that objective, we deliver IMS solutions combining processing modules, supporting components, and connectivity services, considering the complete life cycle of a transaction, bringing efficiency and lean in processing while ensuring accountability to every message/transaction of an enterprise.

About Our Future

Our vision is to Elevate financial companies and corporates from existing levels of operational efficiency; whilst building communities and equipping them to self-sustainability and better quality of life.

Our Philosophy

We believe, implementing transaction processing solutions should not take years. We believe, efficiency is a must-have; not a nice-to-have. We believe, middleware departments should be profit-centers within the enterprise. We believe in defying the norm.