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ECS Fin secures a decade of SWIFT Payments Compatibility with 2023 certification

SWIFT Payments Certification 2023

ECS Fin, a leading payment processing solution provider, has continuously upheld the rigorous SWIFT industry standards for the last decades. We are proud to announce that this year, we are the first to be certified for the SWIFT Payments Compatible Application Certification 2023

The achievement proves that IMS Payments uphold the highest standards of compliance and efficiency to facilitate secure operations for financial institutions worldwide, considering the constant changes in the payment sector. The solution is ready to support customers ahead of the CBPR+ release 2.1 and 2023, Alliance Access R7.6 MQHA or higher and Lite2 Autoclient, which depicts Category 7 Guarantees of payments.  

SWIFT Payments Certification 2023
SWIFT Payments Certification 2023

Real-Time and Instant Payments Momentum Continues

Building upon the success of continuously updating our payment hub, ECS Fin takes pride in standing as an invaluable asset for corporates, banks, and other FI’s to streamline their payment processing and elevate the experiences in handling and monitoring Payments in near real-time.

The advanced functionality catered with this certification sets our product’s standards in adhering to the criteria linked to the support of SWIFT FIN (MT) messages, FINplus (ISO 20022 CBPR+), SWIFT connectivity, and SWIFT functionality. This ongoing refinement solidifies IMS Payments’ commitments to address the end-to-end processing of transactions covering initiation, validation, compliance, routing, and pre/post services to ensure customers are enabled and compliant.

Arun S Dharan

Product Director – Enterprise Payments at ECS Fin

‘’IMS Payments stands as a sophisticated transaction processing system, adept at overseeing the entire spectrum of payments, be it ISO 20022, real time payments or even CBDC. Designed to cater to diverse organizations, our solution is meticulously formulated to promote innovation and offer unmatched value, empowering businesses to conduct transactions with their customers effortlessly. Annual SWIFT Gold certification attests to IMS Payments’ unwavering commitment to upholding the pinnacle of SWIFT standards, ensuring secure and efficient operations for global financial institutions amidst the evolving payment landscape.’’

IMS Payments offers flexibility, scalability, and openness for implementing a unified payment processing system throughout an entire institution. This solution eliminates geographical and technological limitations while seamlessly supporting multi-branch, multi-entity, and global multi-country configurations. 

It also offers effortless integration with other critical systems. It is purpose-built to manage diverse aspects such as country-specific requirements, various currencies, languages, banks, branches, divisions, product lines, time zones, business categories, message formats, entities, and channels. Furthermore, it comes equipped with pre-built interfaces to facilitate interactions with clearing and account management systems. 

ECS Fin is delighted to announce the Swift Compatible Application Payments Label for 2023. We eagerly look forward to the impactful and transformative opportunities this recognition will unlock.

SWIFT Payments Certification 2023

About ECS Fin

ECS Fin builds an end-to-end payment processing solution that accelerates innovation and collaboration in financial services, facilitating better experiences for communities, banks, businesses, and people. Banked by the deepest portfolio of financial services software and solutions, ECS Fin has delivered innovative solutions to its customers of all sizes across the globe for over two decades. Our transaction-processing approach brings together a number of innovators and partners to streamline their business processes and enhance operational efficiency.