Redefining Transaction Processing Solutions

For Banks, Capital Markets & Corporates

Defragment and Optimize your Transaction Processing Applications

A System’s Approach

Move from department centric, fragmented applications and fragile data mapping tools to integrated platforms that can host any number of data processing, messaging and connectivity services for all transactions while addressing the need of each user, every department, customer and counterparty.

Why ECS?

ECS recognized inefficiencies in the processing and movement of data, money and securities between customers, service providers and beneficiaries. The need for costly investment in products from multiple vendors proved to be a large barrier. ECS’ IMS solutions bring vital groups together to exchange and process data efficiently.


What our customers say…

A Note of Appreciation
For taking an ACH/Nacha file that arrived past cut-off time, converting it to ISO 20022 messages and sending them out via Real-Time Payment Rail overnight.

An outstanding performance matrix
For processing in excess of 35 million transactions/day since inception from 2015 without having a down time or opening a single ticket.

Process Optimization
We have terminated several expensive legacy systems gracefully by moving from department centric fragmented applications to IMS, a transaction centric platform.

Enterprise Message Hub

An efficiently engineered data capture, storage and distribution platform that addresses the entire range of data exchange between internal applications, external entities and all interested parties.
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Swift Message Administration

Manage and Administer the entire Swift based data exchange. Departmental views and Controls. Secured Role based access and Entitlements by BIC, Branch Code, Department and Region. .
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ECS Business Connect

The IMS platform has a series of connectivity services that can be easily engaged through simple parameter settings. They act like plug-ins for rapid integration with known core systems, external entities and services providers. .
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Customer Onboarding

Rapid integration between Corporates, Banks, Investment Managers, Custodians, Prime Brokers and service providers. Facilitate exchange of data in any format, protocol or schedule. .
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Enterprise Payment Hub

A well-organized transaction processing system that can simplify, manage and control the end-to-end processing of all payments, connectivity, integration, workflow and messaging.
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Enterprise Trade Processing Platform

Optimize your trade processing environment. Minimize breaks, engage early intervention. Utilize Swift Securities View. Move money and securities efficiently between various parties of the trade. .
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Treasury Application

Keep track of the enterprise’s cash positions and balances. Monitor movement of funds between accounts, currencies and regions. Facilitate netting, money transfer, FX, sweep & disperse.  .
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Process Optimization Matters

Eliminate the need to send messages between services that add very little in the overall transaction processing cycle.

Engage an integrated platform that will offer Data Accountability, Process efficiency, Operational Efficiency, Faster onboarding, Lean, Efficient and high Customer Ratings.

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